Microsoft calls for more collaboration in harnessing the power of AI, to empower people with disabilities.

The summit is a platform that brings together multiple stakeholders to spark a dialogue on inclusive technology. It also wants to spread accessibility standards and highlight inclusive technology solutions, as well as assess policy’s role in creating an accessible India. In this circle are people with disabilities, their support-system, developers of assistive technologies, policy makers, CSR-professionals and service-providers.

This time, there is a special focus on the role that AI and cloud technologies can inhabit, in bringing people of all abilities into the mainstream.

EVE was selected to take part in this two-day conference. After a short introduction by Annika Karstadt, Partner Manager at EVE, EVE was activated to live capture the speech of Jessica Rafuse and share it afterwards as pdf-file.

She talked about a more inclusive and accessible future with AI-empowered solutions across employment, daily life and communication.

The second day EVE had an own demonstration corner in order to showcase the new innovative solution to participants.

The 2-day conference combined a rich mix of master classes, accessibility subjects about Microsoft’s AI solutions and further resources of inclusive technologies.

Annika Karstadt: “AI is now capable of seeing, hearing, and reasoning with increasing accuracy. Real time speech-to-text transcription like EVE is just an example of how AI is useful to people with disabilities today. The summit was an ideal platform to demonstrate that to stakeholders and persons involved. Demonstrating EVE to a hearing-impaired audience and getting the positive feedback, just showed me, that what we do is right!”