How to subtitle videos automatically with EVE?

Subtitling a video is a lot of work. Somebody must write all the spoken text down and add the right timing for each sentence. 15 minutes of video need at least triple the time of work. If you like to add captions on a one-hour webinar, you need a minimum of three hours of work. But not with EVE: Just run EVE during your event, webinar or livestream and you can directly export a subtitle file (.srt) afterwards!

EVE saves the timings of all spoken words. All you need is the video file from the event and the exported srt caption file from EVE. As the recording and EVE work independently, the caption file has to be updated with the right start timing.  First, download the caption file of EVE. Open the video file and figure out when the first word is spoken and get the timestamp with hours, minutes and seconds (hh:mm:ss).








Update timings onCe

Go to the free online service SubShifter and upload the caption file. Type a negative or positive number of seconds in the text field and press “Resync!”.  You’ll get a download link with the updated file. Don’t mind if the length of your video is shorter than the captioning. The video player will ignore all overlapping subtitles. Let’s check the result. Start a player which can deal with caption files (the video player “Film & TV” of Windows 10 for example) and turn on subtitles. Just click on the small balloon icon on bottom left corner. If the caption file has the same name and is in the same folder as the video, you can select the file. Otherwise you click “open subtitle file”.  That’s it, you just saved a lot of work and budget.






Convert captions in every format

Do you prefer the VTT format for video subtitles? No Problem, as the formats are compatible. Use the free online script to convert your srt file into many other formats like VTT, RT or SBV.








By the way: Subtitles are a perfect way to easy localize your content. Just translate the text file to reach new target groups and countries.

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