You’re on the train and can’t make it to the meeting on time, travel costs to the trade fair have exceeded your budget or a sudden illness makes it impossible to attend the presentation you were looking forward to. Live captioning offers a multifaceted solution, because EVE works wherever the user is located. 

Our technical possibilities are continuously developing. We don’t need to mention that this is a wonderful thing. At work we already use countless digital tools: aids that make our work easier and support us. So why not use location-independent live captions to make the everyday work for yourself and your colleagues as convenient as possible? EVE not only provides barrier-free access for your hearing-impaired colleagues, but benefits for everyone.  

Support work-life balance   

We want to make our everyday life and working life – rightfully so – as pleasant as possible, because our working life is becoming increasingly stressful. EVE offers the possibility not to have to drive to the company. Meetings can easily be followed from home – even translatedif desired. Afterwards there is a transcript of the conversation available in case the connection of the video call was lost again. This saves you the trip to work and gives you more time for other things.   

Reduce travel  

Travelling can be expensive, especially during trade fairs. If you are late with your booking, you have to stay in hotels in the surrounding area. This again means being dependent on a car, one having to pay attention to the traffic, looking for a parking spot etc. Of course, EVE can’t yet stroll around the fair for you and get free promo stuff, but EVE can make access to presentations available for you online. So, if you are more interested in the talks,  location-independent live captions are a good alternative. At least that way you save some travel. Employees are happy if they don’t always have to travel, right?  

Protecting the environment   

Also happy about that: the environment. If things have to be done quickly and you have to be in another city tomorrow morning for a meeting, you can save yourself the plane. Simply follow the meeting with your colleagues in the office with live captions.   

Of course, interpersonal contact is still the most important thing, but it’s nice to know that EVE is there to help when that doesn’t work.