EVE is multilingual: the digital service now supports seven languages!

The cloud-based service EVE, which recognizes language with artificial intelligence and automatically generates live subtitles, has been expanded by four languages. When the project was launched in February 2019, the service captured German and English. Chinese was also added in May due to customer requests.


Important in Europe: German, French and Spanish

In addition to the two top languages of the European Union, German and English also French, Italian and Spanish are among the most widely spoken languages. EVE now also supports French and Spanish; Italian is already in the beta phase.


Arabic: also, for a good cause

However, Arabic was not primarily integrated according to rankings or customer wishes but prioritized as a social project. The founder and managing director of EVE supports schools and institutions for fugitives. “When children there learn German as a foreign language or Arabic, it is easier for them when every spoken word appears on the screen. We want to support this and donate EVE free quotas to corresponding institutions. That is a matter of course for us,” said Papadhimas. Interested institutions can contact us here.


Japanese: 97% text accuracy

In an independent test, we were able to prove that all input languages had an error rate of less than 10%. With 97% text accuracy, the language Japanese was truncated. English and Spanish followed shortly behind. Best of all, the quality is improving day by day as artificial intelligence continuously improves. A text accuracy of 100% can be achieved beyond all languages with an online proofreader. However, since EVE’s error rate is less than 10%, a proofreader has much less to do than a stenographer who must type the entire text. This saves time, budget and nerves.


Up to 30 additional languages are possible

Up to 30 additional languages can be supported by EVE on customer request. In less than two weeks, the EVE Developer Team can easily teach EVE a new language. The integration of all common world languages is planned for the next few months.